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EPSON EX5210 Alternative Projector Lamp with Housing

About This Lamp

The EPSON ELPLP67 / V13H010L67 comes complete with bulb and housing and includes a 90 day warranty. The EPSON ELPLP67 / V13H010L67 is manufactured with original parts and is compatible with the EB-X02, EB-W12, EB-X14, MG-850HD, EB-SXW11, EB-SXW12, EB-X12, EB-X11, EX3210, EX5210, EX7210, MG-50, EB-S11, PowerLite 1221, PowerLite 1261W, EB-S12, EB-S02, EB-W02, EH-TW480, EB-X15, H433A, H432A, H431A, EB-W16, H436A, H429A, H518A, H435B, H435C, EX6210, H428A, EX3212, VS315W, VS310, VS210, PowerLite HC 500, PowerLite HC 707, PowerLite HC 710HD, PowerLite HC 750HD, PowerLite S11, PowerLite W16, PowerLite W16SK, PowerLite X12, PowerLite X15, VS220, VS320, EH-TW550, PowerLite HC 600, PowerLite X14+, EB-X11H and EB-W16SK projector models.

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EPSON EPSON EX5210 Alternative Projector Lamp with Housing
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