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Free Projector Lamp Recycling & Disposal

Go Green with our Lamp Recycling Program

Projector Lamp Recycling Green Initiative is committed to ensuring we do our part to protect Canada’s environment with our GREEN initiative where we offer FREE Recycling and disposal of your used DLP and LCD projector lamps.

Not already one of our customers? No problem! We’ll take back your used projector lamps and recycle them according to local environment regulations.

Why Recycle Projector Lamps?

Projector lamps and TV lamps contain hazardous material such as mercury (HG), which requires proper disposal.

Lamp Return Instructions

Please ensure you used lamp is properly packaged to avoid breaking during shipping.

Return to:
Complete IT
Attn: Lamp Recycle Program
2186 Mountain Grove Ave
Suite 219
Burlington, ON L7P 4X4

* All returns must have prepaid shipping applied, we cannot accept collect packages.

Toll Free
Call Us: 289-812-0603
Free Projector Lamp Recycling & Disposal